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Or "Good-bye Old Paint" - revisited for the 21st century.


I'd been following the Euro horsemeat scandal since it broke in the UK. But the songwriter in me didn't react until months later when Ikea found pony in their Swedish meatballs. Corporations defrauding corporations. You gotta love it, folks!

10 months after that, predictably, NOTHING had been done, NO prosecutions have ever resulted, and the profit machines roll blithely forward unhampered by so small a thing as Government.

Then we got a NEW "scandal" in July 2014 with CHICKENS! Lets hear it for business ethics in the 21st century! www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/22/starbucks-burger-king-mcdonalds-chinese-suspect-meat-scandal-chicken-nuggets

And in August 2014 the forces of consumer protection again bit the dust! www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/aug/15/official-report-horsemeat-scandal-delayed-new-food-safety-fears

WTF you gonna do? Pour you a cold brewski and chow down on a PONY BURGER - well done!


Well I'm tired of your typical burger
I want something different now
I don't want the same old lips and assholes
Processed from your average cow
I'm tired of The Whopper and Mickey D's
Can't I just have something original please?
In Europe a scandal's been a-brewin'
Since they found out it's ponies they all been chewin'

Fry me up a Pony Burger
At last there's a sandwich that's new
Gimme onions and tomaters
And some french-friend potaters
And a slice of dill pickle or two
Grill me up a Pony Burger
Mount it on a fresh sesame bun
I'll chow it right down
Heading westward out of town
Off into the setting sun

Now some scumbags in the corporate food chain
Been messin' around with Old Paint
Passin' him off as a steer or a hog
When in actual fact he ain't
They done heisted lots money while the marshall was snoozin'
Now in Swedish meatballs it's Pony they're usin'
While the bandits are headin' for the border
I'm steppin' up to the counter to order


Well now I've bid goodbye to good Ol' Paint
Most folks' cup o' tea he definitely ain't
But I don't know why they all turn squeamish and green
'Cause good Ol' Paint, he's some good protein
Now plenty of folks got egg on their face
They thought they was running in a different horse race
In a globalized world run by corporate greed
A cold brewski and a Pony Burger's just what we need



released June 28, 2016
Written, performed and produced by Robert Palomo



all rights reserved


Robert Palomo - New Old Sea Shanties & Songs Saint Petersburg, Russia

Robert Palomo is an American singer-songwriter based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia where he has lived for 20 years.

A multi-instrumentalist with a passion for acoustic music, he is recording songs he has written over several decades, plus new ones that keep popping up.

His latest project is original maritime folk songs.

His is a different story - do follow along!
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